10 Must-See Places in Mexico – A Short Mexico Travel Guide

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Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Located between Central and North America, it is the one of the most popular countries among tourists. For a long time, Mexico has been a favorite destination of Canadian and U.S. tourists, but lately it is becoming more and more popular among European tourists as well. Many of these tourists are willing to take an exhausting trip so that they can enjoy and explore this country of beautiful beaches, fantastic culture, and amazing history.

You can do everything in Mexico: go swimming, take a hike, explore the jungle, taste the fantastic cuisine, and see sights that you’ve only seen on TV. Mexico also has an enormous cultural inheritance that is fantastically diverse.

There are many locations in Mexico which could be described as perfect to visit. In this article, we are going to choose ten of them that by our standards are the best and the most interesting for you to see.



Oaxaca, on the southern shore of Mexico, is a wonderful place that you must definitely visit. UNESCO put it on their World Heritage List, and here you will find a mixture of domestic and colonial culture and architecture. You can also relax by taking a walk down the beach or hike through the woods, or you can experience a fantastic adventure exploring street festivals. In this city, there is always something of interest taking place on the streets. The residents of Oaxaca are mainly craftsmen, and you can find many souvenirs that will be an interesting addition to your house or apartment.

Around the city, there are many archaeological sites to visit and explore the history of Mexico’s native tribes. The mountain region is fantastic, with opportunities for bike tours and hiking. Also, village tourism makes this place stand out among other tourist destinations. Around Oaxaca, you can find magnificent accommodations where you can explore how Mexican people truly live in rural areas.


Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres

Near Cancun is a small island called Isla Mujeres, a tropical paradise that is only accessible by boat. The main attractions here are sunbathing on the beautiful shores and exploring the waters by scuba diving.

These simple pleasures are quite enough for a wonderful visit.  The beaches have magnificent white sand and the sea that surrounds the island is crystal clear and teeming with life. That is why scuba diving is popular among tourists here. You will see fantastic views under the surface of the water, as professional scuba divers care for you and show you the hidden gems of this island.

The name of the island comes from Indian times, when this area was dedicated to Ixchel, the goddess of the moon, love, and fertility. The natives had a ritual to express their affection toward goddess by setting up silhouettes of beautiful women. When the European conquerors saw this, they named the island, ”The Island of Women.”


Cola de Caballo

These magnificent waterfalls are near the famous town of Monterey. With their beauty and astonishing views, they attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Even the local residents and people from nearby towns come here every day to see the waterfall. People say that the waterfall looks different every time they see it. Many come here to rest and to clear their heads from their troubles.

This place is a major center of ecotourism and many activists are proud that it is still resisting commercial tourism. There are no large hotels nearby. When you get here, although you are only 40 kilometers from Monterey, you truly have the feeling that you have stepped away from the modern world. You may rent little cottages under careful conditions designed to preserve nature and the environment.

This region also offers various possibilities for an unforgettable vacation, such as bungee jumping, mountain tours, and canoeing down the river. Just imagine yourself in a canoe experiencing nature while sitting in the middle of crystal clear river, watching the canyons and wild animals around you.


Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico is Cabo San Lucas. This place is notable for its great diversity of sea life. In its restless waters, you can find the gray whale that travels every year from Alaska to this area in order to reproduce. Sea lions, seals, dolphins — all of these species can be found here, and this is a perfect place for you to get to know them better.

Cabo San Lucas used to be a fishing area, but it isn’t anymore as its charm has made it one of the most well-known tourist attractions in all of Mexico. This destination has one big plus for all of you who like to rest in a peaceful environment: although it attracts a large number of tourists, you can always find a peaceful and deserted spot on the beach to enjoy all by yourself. Many people say that this is because Cabo San Lucas has an enormous number of beautiful sights and so tourists spread out around the area.

However, one place is often crowded: the Cabo San Lucas cliff. This natural phenomenon was made by the waves of Pacific Ocean. Natural forces made their way throughout the cliffs, carving something that looks like a large, fantastic gate.

Cabo San Lucas has plenty of fun for those of you who like nightlife. After relaxing on a deserted beach, when night falls, you can go out and have a good time.

Chiapas region

This subtropical region, mostly covered by jungle and rainforest, is one of the most beautiful areas in this country. Here you can still find undiscovered treasures in the ancient ruins of Mayans, which are located in the deepest parts of the jungle.

The name of this region comes from a native Indian tribe, Chiapas, and descendants of the Chiapas are still living here today. They preserved their culture, and you can learn about them and explore their rituals first-hand. Almost one quarter of the one million of these people do not even speak Spanish.

We couldn’t choose a single location from this region so we wanted you to know about everything that Chiapas offers to tourists.

The main attractions are the two ancient Mayan cities, Palenque and Yaxchilian. Palenque, according to many historians, represents the highest peak of Mayan architecture when it comes to the building of pyramids in Mexico. Since 1987, it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

As for natural beauty, you can visit the Sumidero canyon, where you will find vertical walls reaching a height of one kilometer. Especially beautiful are the curves of the river Grijalva. The river often curves at a 90° angle, making your experience even more fun.

Lagunas de Montebello is a National Park that has 59 fantastic lakes which are surrounded by forests of pine trees, as well as Mayan ruins. This is the first national park in the Chiapas region. It was established in 1959 and is a part of UNESCO’s biosphere reserve program.



During the 1970s, ambitious Mexican investors wanted to build a tourist destination that would overshadow Acapulco. Now Cancun is the most popular tourist destination in Mexico, attracting over four million visitors from all over the world every year.

Cancun is certainly one of the most interesting locations in Mexico. You can take a stroll, play golf, visit some of the best wellness spas in North America, or simple go to a beach.  Cancun offers you everything from basic accommodations to jet-set luxury programs for your enjoyment. The area has fantastic beaches, a tropical climate is tropical, and many choices for nightlife:  three crucial factors for an excellent vacation.

You might say that Cancun is a perfect place for you to visit after you experience the ancient history tours, as it will bring you back to modern times with its energy and partying lifestyle. Night swims, foam parties, dance festivals – everywhere you go, you can find a party in Cancun. Put simply, in Cancun you will spend the day relaxing on beautiful beaches, and during the night, you will have a fantastic party.




Teotihuacan is one of the most important historical sites on our planet. Located just 50 kilometers northeast of the center of Mexico City, Teotihuacan was considered the biggest city in the new world.

It is an ancient holy place; its name in the ancient Aztec language means ”the place where all the gods were born.” Indeed, the Aztecs believed that this is where the gods created the universe. The city itself was built in 300 A.D., and although many centuries have passed, you can still find some fantastically preserved artifacts here. Many monuments and buildings were constructed with amazing precision; when viewed from the air, you can see that the architects followed geometrical and symbolic principles.

Two buildings that stand out are the Sun pyramid and the Moon pyramid. The Sun pyramid is the biggest structure in Teotihuacan. Over 675 feet long and wide and over 225 feet high, it is the third largest pyramid in the world. Locals say that on the top of the pyramid, there was once a temple that was later destroyed.

The Temple of Quetzalcoatl is also a major tourist attraction. Quetzalcoatl was a mythical hero who is considered the ancestor of all Central American people. Many myths and stories are told about this hero.  If you find yourself in Teotihuacan, you won’t want to miss a visit to his temple.



Tulum offers what is probably the most beautiful beach in Mexico, and possibly in the world. It is located in the region of Riviera Maya tourism and resort district, on the Caribbean coastline in the state of Quintana Roo. You will not find any tourist brochure about Mexico that doesn’t have at least one picture of this beautiful location, which offers white sandy beaches alongside the remains of Mayan buildings, with lush vegetation and a view of the Caribbean Sea.

Nearby you can explore underground rivers and streams and many lakes. At some point you may ask yourself whether you still on planet Earth.

One of the biggest natural aquariums in this part of the world is situated just a few miles further in the Xel-Ha park. In a single location, you can see over 100 species that live in the sea. Another fantastic place to explore is the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, which is also located in the municipality of Tulum. We will not list every species that lives there; you will have to visit these two wildlife sanctuaries and see them for yourself.


Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is the best-preserved example of the ancient Mayan civilization. It is the center of the Mayans on the Yucatan peninsula. and it is probably the best place to experience Mayan culture. It is said to be 16,000 years old and is the most visited archaeological site in the Americas. More than 10,000 tourists visit this place every day, to see and learn something new about one of the most mysterious peoples of history. Chichen Itza is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and in 2007, it became one of the New7Wonders of the World.

The El Castillo pyramid draws the most attention. It is said that this archaeological site represents the Mayan calendar itself. The ancient people built this structure in nine different levels. According to stories, Mayans planned their actions according to the shadows on these levels. The nine different levels were said to be controlled by nine different weather lords. By viewing the position of shadows on each level, they would determine whether it was time to work on the field and they could anticipate many natural phenomena that were about to happen. It is also said to be a place where many sacrifices were made and more than 10,000 people were killed there.




Acapulco has long been regarded as one of the favorite vacation destinations for Americans and for many years, was the center of jet-set and elite tourism. Today Acapulco has become even greater as people from all around the world come to this fantastic city that lies on the shores of Pacific Ocean. Although some people say that Cancun has eclipsed Acapulco, making Acapulco an undesirable destination, this is far from true. Alcapulco is still the biggest and noisiest tourist location in Mexico.

The city is situated in a wonderful, moon-shaped bay and surrounded by magnificent mountains. The combination of these two natural wonders makes a visit here unforgettable.

The city has a long history. According to the Mexican government, the city dates back to almost 3,000 years B.C.E. In past centuries, the city was located at crossroads and many battles were fought for control of this place.

Today, Acapulco is a modern city with fantastic nightlife. Most of the tourists come during the spring and midseason because of the amazing weather at that time of the year.

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