7 Fun Outdoor Party Games

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Some things in life are priceless. Among other things, spending quality time with your family and friends is absolutely necessary for having happiness in your life. One of the best ways to create these priceless memories with your loved ones is by playing fun games together!

So without further ado, these are the seven best outdoor party games that will be sure to put a smile on your face and create a long-lasting memory:

1 – Potato Sack Race

This is probably one of the oldest and most popular party games. Perhaps its popularity is due to the fact that everyone, from 7 years up to 97 years, can play it. Also, the outcome of the game is often hilarious.

In fact, many funny home video clips feature potato sack races, so be sure to have a camera in your hands when the race in your backyard starts.

If you have a party or casual gathering somewhere in the open, you can be sure that everyone will respond enthusiastically when you suggest this game. All that you need for this game are some empty potato sacks and some clear space. You probably already know the basic rules: First, each player stands in a sack. When the signal is given, everybody starts jumping towards the finish line. Whoever reaches it first wins the prize (perhaps a free beer for the adults!).

There is also a version of this game that is played in pairs, but you will need bigger bags and a great deal of coordination with your partner. This game may also be played as a relay race. In this version, each player finishes a lap of the race and then gets out of the bag. The next player climbs into the bag as fast as possible and then starts his part of the race.

Any way you choose to play this game, fun will be guaranteed!

2 – Cornhole

This game, sometimes called dummy boards, bean bag toss, or dog house, is also one of the most popular outdoor games. Although it is easy to learn the simple rules, the game is relatively hard to master. In order to begin playing, you will need two sets of small bags of corns or beans, two platforms and at least two players. Ideally, the bags should be marked so that you can distinctly distinguish one set from the other, especially when playing in pairs or teams.

Again, the rules are simple. Several players, or teams of players, throw a small bag of corn or beans on a slightly raised platform with a hole on its far end. A player scores three points by tossing the bag through the hole. If the bag stays on the platform but does not go into the hole, the player receives one point. Whoever reaches 21 points first is the winner. Of course, you can modify the scoring, or the number of points needed for a win, to better suit your situation.

This game tends to bring out people’s competitive spirit, so if you lose in a thrilling ending, don’t get upset! This is fun game that allows you to enjoy a good time with your friends.

3 – Three legged race

The three-legged race is number 3 on our list (pun not intended). Older people will want to play to show everyone else that they are still young at heart and able to coordinate their movements with their partners.

Basically, all you need for a three-legged race is a bandana or some rope. Partners stand side by side, and the bandana or rope is used to tie together their two adjacent legs. This requires the pair to move their legs simultaneously and to see the perfect rhythm between steps.

At first glance, this game seems easy. People tend to think that it will be simple to harmonize their leg movements with their partner. But the truth is quite the opposite. The first few steps might be easy, but as the race develops and the competition heats up, players will find that this funny game is actually maddeningly difficult.

You will witness various types of fails during these races and some of them could be quite nasty. When the race is over, however, players will laugh and grab some refreshments while analyzing their mistakes. Most of the time they will blame their partner, of course.

4 – Spike ball

Spike ball is similar to table tennis except the ball is thrown by hand rather than hit with a paddle. The game can be very interesting and exciting to watch because the players need to act with speed and dexterity. This game does require physical endurance, as players must move constantly in order to gain possession and control of the ball.

Only two items are needed to play spike ball: One is a ball that is slightly bigger than a tennis ball but much lighter. The other is a 12-inch diameter circular frame with netting stretched across it. This netting functions like that of a tennis racquet, allowing the ball to bounce high into the air. The goal of this game is to bounce the ball off the net towards your opponent until one of the opponents misses the ball.

Spike ball is an excellent game to play if you are at the beach, as the sand eases players’ landing after acrobatic moves. Spike ball may be played one-on-one or in pairs. It is especially fun to watch the combined movements of pairs of players competing against one another.

Both playing and watching this dynamic game is an entertaining experience — and a great reason to grab a cold beer when the match is over.

5 – Bocce

This game dates all the way back to the Roman Empire, when soldiers who were on the move played it during their free time. Bocce can be played almost everywhere except on rocky terrain, making it the perfect game for camping trips. This game is not a physically demanding activity; older people may gather in the park and play bocce for the whole day. Much of its popularity is due to the fact that during this game, players can chat with one another.

Although you can play bocce with various items, such as round stones, marbles, or different types of balls, there are special bocce balls available. The original bocce ball weighs 2 pounds.

The game starts when a small ball, or pallino, is thrown onto the playing area. The team that throws the pallino closer to a certain spot in the marked zone wins the chance to bowl first. After that, the second team’s ball must be closer to the pallino in order for them to gain an advantage during the next steps of the game. Later the battle develops and the team whose ball is the closest to the pallino is the only one who is able to score.

Like the other games in this list, bocce has many versions and rule variations. This game requires some tactical thinking and can last a very long time.

6 – Horseshoes

Cowboys invented this game while they were keeping an eye on the cattle, and it became the most popular game in the Wild West.

To play this game, you need two small stakes to serve as targets and a couple of horseshoes to throw. Put the stakes in the ground 40 feet away from each other and take turns tossing the horseshoes. The main goal of the game is to toss the horseshoe to land around the stake.

We won’t discuss the professional rules of this game. Like so many games, horseshoes has its commercialized version, but it also gives you the opportunity to create your own rules. This game can be played with two players or two pairs of players — or however you choose to organize your friends. Players can agree on the scoring rules as well. For example, if you hit the stake with the horseshoe making a full circle around the stake, you might count that as a two-point hit. If the horseshoe hits the stake but doesn’t encircle it a full 360 degrees, you might award one point. Finally, you might agree that if no one hit the stake, a point is awarded to the player who is the nearest to it.

7 – Limbo

There probably isn’t a person alive who hasn’t participated in, or at least watched, a limbo challenge at some point in his life. Although limbo originated in tropical areas and is traditionally played on the beach, you can play it almost anywhere.

You probably know the basic rules of this game but we will describe it here just in case. The main goal is to be the last person standing after all the other players have fallen on their backs while trying to pass under a stick set at a certain height.To play limbo, you will need some sort of stick and two people to hold it. Players attempt to walk under the stick while leaning backwards without touching the stick or losing their balance. In the beginning, the stick is held at a high height and it is easy to pass underneath it. As the game goes on, the stick is lowered and gymnastic moves are needed if you want to win.

Limbo is often played with exotic music in the background, which provides rhythm for the players and the spectators. Players and observers chant and cheer, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

For those of you who have lower back pain, limbo might double as a great exercise and a fun activity.

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