Activities To Do While Camping

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Activities To Do While Camping

Camping is a fun and interesting activity since you get to do be away from technology and get the chance to interact with nature in a good way. It involves activities that get you away from your comfort zone since you get to sleep outside and be away from the day to day hustles of life. There is a lot of time to try and do new things or doing the things that you have always loved doing. However, we sometimes go camping and do not explore doing these things we just focus on the same things and do not try new things. The activities that you can do when camping that will ensure that your camping will never be monotonous or dull again according to the weather and destination include the following;

Activities to do while next to a Water Body:

Most of us like setting our campsites next to a water body; it may be a river, lake or ocean and there are many activities that we can do. There are those that involve more energy and there are those that are just relaxing according to the mood that you are in. These activities include the following:

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Skipping stones along the shores
  • Water Skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Building castles with sand if next to the ocean
  • Playing games like basketball and volleyball that can be played in the water.
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Zorbing

Activities to do while away from Water

The good news is even if you are camping in a place that it is not close to any water body, it does not mean that you cannot have fun activities that involve water. There are very many activities that involve water and can come in handy in summer and very hot days. These activities include the following:
 Play with water balloons
 Attack yourselves with water squirt guns
 Have truck bed fill it with water and let it act as your pool
 Fill water in small cans place them on a flat board and have four people carry it with ropes at each end to see if they can be able to work together and reach the finishing line with the water in the cans still full.
This means that even if you are camping away from water bodies do not miss to play this games that involve water. It will be a good experience and at least you will be in a position to try out new things.

Physical Activities and Sports to do while Camping
It is always very important to keep your body fit while camping since there are changes that your body is undergoing dueto the change of environment or the normal routine that your body is adapted to. There are many that one can do and they include the following;
 Getting up early in the morning and going for a run and doing some light exercises.
 Rock Climbing
 .Hiking
 Riding bikes
 Tree climbing
 Soccer
 Baseball
 Corn hole
 Lawn blowing
 Disc golf
 Hide and Seek

It is important to the physical activities seriously while camping for the sake of your health and fitness of your body. This is a good way of having fun and also ensuring that your camping experience is not in any way cut short because of health issues.

Playing Games
Playing Games is the fun part about camping especially if you are many but it is also fun for few or a sole person. When not camping we are always distracted by the technology, and we find ourselves sitting watching the television the whole day or sited behind our computers. However, with camping, there are many games that are interesting and play a great role in encouraging great bonds. They include:
 Playing cards; it is a perfect game because apart from it being interesting, game cards are easy to carry since they occupy a very small space. The good thing is that with cards you can play a lot of games with it and it is a good way to bond with your family, friend or workmates.
 Board games like Chess are also interesting games to play while camping because they help us to jog our minds and keep them active while camping.
 There are games lie I spy and also Charades that are fun to play since to play them you do not need anything. It is the best way of getting to know each other and actually bonding.
 There are also games like Dots, Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe that only require a piece of paper and a pen to play. There is also a very good way for us to jog our own minds and keeping them active.

Exploring Nature
A big Percentage of people who go camping go mainly to explore nature, for me if exploring nature is not include in the to do list while camping then that is not camping.The most interesting and most significant part of camping is getting in touch with nature and appreciating it.The best way to doing that is exploring nature through the following ways;
 Watching Animals and Birds
 Having a Scavenger Hunt that involves exploring nature
 Taking a Safari Walk that involves taking picture of both animals and plants
 Collecting Firewood
 Getting to know the history of the place by exploring it with the people who know it.
 Collecting leaves, rocks, and flowers
Exploring nature is fun and interesting but it is very important to be careful and observe all the rules especially where wild animals are involved. Everyone should ensure that they have studied well the lace and the best thing to do is to always to be in a company of a person that actually knows the place very well.

Having Good Relaxation
The reason we go camping away from the hustle of our day to day normal activities is actually because we want to relax. Camping is the moments most of us want to get our minds off the stresses that are going on in our lives and the best way to do that include the following;
 Watching the Sunrise and the Sun Set
 Listening to nature
 Meditate and let your mind just wander and not thing of what is going on in your life
 Gaze at the stars every night
 Get enough rest
 Take the time to watch the trees, the water in the lake or ocean and just appreciate nature
The best way I normally get to relax when am camping is that I do not carry my phone or laptops to camp. This is a moment that I get to detach myself from the world a little bit and this is the best way to ensure that you can be able to relax without getting bothered in any way.

Activities to do in the Tent
It is important to always have something to do in the tent either at night or on those rainy days. It is a good way to bond and to make the camping even more interesting, and the best way to do this include the following;
 Playing games like card and board games
 Reading Magazines and books if alone and if many you can decide to read aloud to each other.
 Watch movies together on portable devices like laptops.
 Tell each other’s stories.
 According to what you enjoy you can decide to get songs that you all like and sing together.

Activities that can be done during the Night
The Night time while camping can be very interesting since your source of light is not the big bright lights of the city but the camp fire and some flashlight. This can tend to be a thrilling time to do a lot of mind blowing things that can get your ad reline active. These activities include;
 Taking a walk in the dark
 Going to swim in the dark
 Taking the opportunity to look at the stars and study them.
 Play hide and seek in the dark
 Shoot fireworks into the dark as a way of celebrating and having fun.
These activities tend to be interesting to do them at night but it’s very important to be very careful. This is because unlike daylight in the dark danger is more apparent so it is important to be ensuring that the place you have set your camp is a secure place to roam around in the night.

Activities to do Around the Campfire
There is no Camping that does not have a campfire and the best activities to engage in and make the experience very memorable include the following;
 Playing Truth or Dare
 Telling stories from a long time ago
 Dancing and singing songs around the campfire
 Playing instruments that are soothing like the harmonica and the guitar
 Telling each other inspirational stories
 Creating stories by using words, that is we sit around and everyone says something that forms as a story.
Campfires are very important since it is a good way to bond, keep warm and also chase away wild animals if camping near them.It is, therefore, a very good idea to ensure that the activities that are done here areinteresting since it is the most important time after having a long day full of activities in the camp.(Bacon, 2016)

Bacon, C. (2016) Fun Activities to Do When Camping, Retrieved at Accessed on 13th March 2017


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