Breath Control Basic Training

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Breath Control Basic Training

Proper breathing can help you manage and mute the stress that starts to overshadow your mental focus. When done properly at the right time, you will prevent shortness of breath and dizziness. During an emergency or tough situation, you may notice the pattern of your breath to change from slow pace through the lower lungs and diaphragm to a rapid pace through the upper lungs. This way of breathing will cause to body to hyperventilate.

You can easily reverse the said symptoms of hyperventilation by simply doing the basic breathing control. But how can you do that if you do not know the right breathing techniques. Here are three breathing skills you may want to learn to control your breath:

Natural breathing technique

This is the abdominal way of breathing. It provides the body with sufficient oxygen supply while it normalizes the exhalation of carbon dioxide. This is a good way to help the body relax all day long. It happens when the body is not doing any hard physical activities. Practicing this kind of breathing can be beneficial to the body.

Natural breathing technique is simple to. First, you only need to gently and slowly inhale oxygen from the nose to the lungs, filling the lower part of lungs with oxygen. When you do this, notice how your stomach expands and not the chest. After a while, exhale the air slowly. Continue with this pattern in a more relaxed way concentrating on the lower lungs.

Compared to the way you breathe during those times when you suddenly feel the anxiety or stress, or when you suddenly face danger. Breathing during this moment is rapid and shallow. The air fills the upper part of the lungs, thus expanding the chest. During this time it causes the body to react the wrong way. The heart beats faster and the body hyperventilates. To correct this kind of breathing, you need to do the next breathing skill, the calming breathing.

Calming breathing technique

When you breathe through the upper lungs or upper chest, it means that you breathe rapidly in a shallow way. This kind of breathing brings uncomfortable feeling to the body, thus it hyperventilates. In this situation, you need to do the calming breathing technique. This is done by simply following the natural way of breathing. A slow breathing through the nose, in long inhalation of air, is intended to fill the lower lungs with air. Exhale the air from the lungs through the mouth and relax. Do the inhale/exhale again for several times until the body calms down.

Practice this kind of breathing whenever you feel anxiety or panic attacks you. Familiarize yourself with this kind of breathing whenever you notice uncomfortable breathing starts to affect you. When you are in a tough or survival situation, this is a simple yet very functional tool that you can use. This calming breathing technique will calm you and relieve you from stress. Practicing it and applying this solution on certain situations will also help your mind to think of the best way through the situation. It will also prevent you from reacting violently or doing things that are not right.

Calming counts technique

Calming counts is a way of breathing wherein you are concentrated on relaxing while breathing and not on thinking about the situation you are in. The calming counts technique requires around 90 seconds of concentration. During the silent counting, relax your mind and release any fearful thoughts. You will be able to control your thoughts and shift them to think of positive things instead of dwelling on the bad situation. As you allow time to pass by for a little while, you will notice yourself relieved from anxiety or panic attacks.


Benefits of controlled breathing:

Controlling your breathing is a way to loosen up and relax your mind but it will also need you to change your thoughts from negative to positive. When you breathe and relax, make sure that you also do the right actions and the positive way. If you are in a panic situation, practice these breathing techniques and when you breathe, modify the way you think and see the situation. By telling yourself that it happens for a reason, you will also develop your self-confidence and your mental stability, thus prevent you from being attacked by stress and anxiety.

• Slow heart rate.

Your heart beat will slow down when you breathe properly and deeply. This will prevent you from being suffocated or hyperventilated.

• Stable blood pressure

Your blood pressure will become more stable. This is a good way to keep the body in a healthy condition.

• Regulated blood flow through the brain

As blood pressure stabilizes, the blood also flows regularly into the veins through the brain and other organs of the body. You will be able to think better if you are relaxed.

• Get over your fears or anxiety.

As you control your breathing, you help yourself to loosen up and relax. When you are relaxed, you will get over your fears or anxiety little by little.

• Increase self-confidence

As you relax, you are able to think better. Your mental functionality allows you to be focused at the situation and on solution. This will help you gain your self-confidence.

Helpful Tips on Controlling your Breathing

Roll Breathing

To do the roll breathing, you need to lie on your back and bend on your knees as you breathe from your lungs. Place your right hand on your chest while the left hand on your abdomen. You will feel your hands move when you breathe. The proper breathing will cause your left hand to feel the abdomen move up as you fill your lungs with air. Your right hand will feel the chest in a steady position. The proper way of breathing is through the nose and out through the mouth. This means that you will inhale with the nose and exhale with the mouth.

Once you have done the proper breathing, the next step to roll breathing is to roll the inhalation of air. When you breathe through the lower lungs, roll it to the upper lungs or chest like a wave inside the body. You will feel your right hand to move up and the left hand to move down. Exhale through the mouth with a whooshing sound and be more relaxed. Do this in a rhythmic motion and feel your body become more comfortable and less of the stress. Some people do not find this kind of breathing helpful because it only causes them to feel dizzy.

Morning breathing

When you get up in the morning, do the morning breathing comfortably. This will relieve the stiffness of the muscles and clear the passages. It will also help the back relieved of tension. To do the morning breathing, stand up straight and slowly bend your body forward allowing your hands to touch the floor. Inhale slowly and deeply and slowly get back to the standing position. Your head should be the last up. While holding your breath for a few seconds, get back to the bended position and exhale.

Head clearing

Another way to control breathing is to clear the head from any tension. You can do this by simply rolling your head and neck while you slowly inhale air. Hold your breath for a few seconds and stay in a relaxed position. Exhale the air slowly and feel the tension being released. Repeat this breathing and clear your head of tension but make sure that you focus on the positive things. Clear your head of the negative things as well, and start by thinking good and happy thoughts. Breathing properly is easier if you will only keep yourself happy.


Breathing is something in you that you can physically control and regulate to help your body feel better. Controlling your breath is a way to achieve relaxation and clearing of mind from tension, stress, and anxiety. Whether you are facing tough situations in your life, you will gain its benefits along the process.

Practice it every day and you will develop the breathing technique that is most comfortable for your body and mind. Use it anytime you are faced with tough challenges or life’s difficulty or danger is thrown at you. Before you do anything on impulse as your immediate reaction, remember that proper breathing and controlled breathing will lead you to better thinking. To relax or to relieve stress or to think of the right things needed by the situation, controlling your breathing will give you the benefits from which you will improve yourself. It will even boost your energy, increase your self-confidence, and develop your mental abilities.


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