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Mental toughness is any individual’s essential element as a human being because it is the ability of the mind to be consistent in performing your best whatever task you are thrown at. In any type of situation, whether it is light or tough, you will need a tough mentality, hence, mental toughness should be developed beforehand. Maximize your mental and physical potential by being mentally tough.

Are you confident enough of your mental toughness or do you still need some exercises to improve it? If you want to excel more mentally and to get an edge to conquer the opponents, here are 5 of the most powerful mental toughness exercises for you to benefit from:

1. Core Belief Evaluation

From the time you started your course you acquire and learn some core beliefs to live by. As you develop your core beliefs over time, your thoughts, emotions, and behavior are also affected. They are either improved or they are influenced to become more productive. There are also times that your core beliefs are not accurate, which leads you to failure and not succeed in life. To help you to be mentally tough, you need to identify whether your core beliefs are accurate and evaluate them to know which ones to improve and which ones to drop. To do this, it requires you to have a purposeful intention as well as hard work and determination. This will give you the push you need to modify your wrong beliefs and behavior. When you aim to develop mental toughness, evaluating your core beliefs as your first step will lead you to start right anew.

To evaluate your core beliefs, you may consider the things that influence your thoughts and behavior. You will find that not all of them are worth believing because some of them are wrong and will only hinder you from learning and growing. When you find and evaluate your beliefs, eliminate the wrong ones and concentrate and develop the right ones. It is time to change your way of thinking and your way of acting to grow and to develop mental toughness. This exercise will help you start over again.

2. Mental Energy Expansion

Mental energy is the ability of your mind to think clearly and wisely when in tough situation. If you are not mentally tough, the tendency is that you will waste your mental energy thinking about negative thoughts and problems. This will hinder you from thinking the right solution for the problems, thus lead you to failure. Thinking negative amidst tough situations will only hold you back from reaching your goals and become successful. If you are in this situation, catch your negative mentality to problems and stop them from controlling your mind and your behavior.

Expand your mental energy with positive thoughts and learn not to focus on negativity. Start simply by relaxing your mind and plan for a better solution. Keep your thoughts balanced even in your weakest points, reminding yourself that you also have your strong points to focus on. Train yourself to be positive and in doing things that are helpful and purposeful. You will be able to help yourself become the best you can if you will expand your mental energy and use it to its full potential on positive things.

Expand your mental abilities and strength by controlling your thoughts. You don’t have to waste your time thinking over a failure or the things that hurt you. When you notice yourself thinking of things that are not productive, help yourself by shifting your thoughts to more helpful insights, topics, and lessons that you can apply on tough situations. If you lose a proposal, think that it happened for a purpose and that there is something better for you. Never lose your hope on good things, especially if you know that you are doing the right thing.

3. Positive thinking for better production

Another way to exercise your mind to be mentally tough is to think wisely. Your aim is to be productive and you will never be productive if you think poorly. However, it is easier to be mentally tough when life or situation is simple. But when tragedy comes and that you need to think spontaneously of the best solution, having a tough mentality is an advantage.

Develop your wise thinking while you are in the training. Learn from courses and trainings or read books to gain knowledge. Plan for the best solution in case of tough situations and practice what you have learned. Past experiences may also give you lessons to take advantage of. All these are helpful for a better you and for your mental toughness.

When you can think clearly during tough situations, you will tend to be more productive as you motivate and push yourself to work hard and do better. Use your full potential to do what is expected to do and make sure that you give all your best when you perform your tasks. By being mentally tough and wiser, you will also have the ability to lead others towards achieving goals and success.


4. Increase your Discomfort Tolerance

Developing mental toughness by tolerating discomfort is a helpful practice. To be mentally strong, you have to learn how to tolerate emotional pain and physical hurt. You are required to respond well even when things turn out the other way around. You may be facing a tragedy that hurts you emotionally and your mental functioning tends to fall down because of the pain. If you will learn to tolerate pain and discomfort and accept things how they happen, that is exercising your mind and developing your mental toughness. This will increase your tolerance to pain, thus make you stronger over pain. When you are mentally tough amidst the pain, you will soon soar high and become successful in achieving your goals. Your self-confidence will also grow.

To increase your tolerance over pain, discomfort, and inconvenience see how you can try new things instead. It could be painful to accept that you fail on something, but when you open your mind to other things, and when you try on new things, your mind will shift its focus, thus help you tolerate the pain and let go. Take it one step at a time and be apt to learn and teach new things for you to develop and improve yourself.

5. Reflect on the Things You Learned Each Day

You will learn something each day and to improve yourself and develop mental toughness, reflect on the things you learned. Spend some of your time reflecting on these things and see how it affects your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. As you reflect on things, consider also those things you hope to improve on yourself and accomplish for the following days. You have to practice what you have learned and exercise your mental toughness to develop it better.

There is room for improvement and it is something to take advantage of in each opportunity. When you reflect on the things you learned, you will also be able to see yourself and your own weaknesses. You will be able to acknowledge your weak points and decide to improve yourself. Reflecting on the progress of your mental ability and toughness, as well as your strength to handle difficult tasks, will help you achieve your goals and reach success.

To reflect on your daily progress and improvement, you may want to write down the things that you learned throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to accept the fact whether they are right or wrong or whether you failed on other things. Once you learn to accept your failure as you reflect on your progress, you will be able to have more rooms to improve yourself. Challenge yourself also to do better things each day. This will increase your confidence and develop your mental toughness. If you are tough enough, you will be able to carry on even when larger failures happen.


Your mental toughness matters a lot because, in life, you will surely face tough situations wherein your mental capacity and strength will be tested and challenged. Such situations are just part of anyone’s life, and that does not exclude you. Whether you fail to achieve your goals or you lose a proposal or lose a loved one, there will come a time in your life that you will be challenged and that your resilience and flexibility will be tested.

Knowing that these things will come, prepare yourself ahead of time by using the above mental toughness exercises. You do not have to be perfectly stronger than any other to be mentally tough. What you need is to be mentally prepared and equipped with knowledge and wisdom so that when tests and challenges come, you know what to do. Your intention is to have greater mental strength and toughness in your life as an individual. Mental toughness development is a work in progress, and it will be great if you will learn and grow each day even if you are confident already of your mental abilities.


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