Incredible Wilderness Survival Stories: Part One – Jan Baalsrud

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3 Incredible Wilderness Survival Stories

Miracles still happen.

We all like a great survival movie. Disaster struck, any sort of accident happen, or someone will get lost, and today they finish up in a location where they need to get by with what they've, which is dependent on existence or dying. Danger lurks in each and every corner, your meals are drained, and also the last fishing line just clicked using the hook onto it - gone!

You are well on the advantage of the seat when you have no idea if they will allow it to be or otherwise. May be the food likely to last? May be the wolf really getting them? And nasty, did they just ate that grasshopper?!

You receive so emotionally committed to the security and well-being from the character from the movie and share small victories them, like creating a fire and cry on their behalf when occasions are harder.

Sometimes they create it or get saved in the final second… sometimes it normally won't.

But you're entertained in either case. Because it is exactly what movies are made to do: entertain!

But less frequently you pause and consider where these tales originate from. Sure, a lot of it is composed, and also the drama factor is put in a thick layer, but there's truth behind many of these tales. These tales that you simply find so entertaining on the watch's screen has frequently became of someone. Someone who we may have known in tangible existence.

So when the individual is “real”, if this story is incorporated in the paper or television news rather of inside a movie, everything changes. Now there's no entertainment factor - it’s sad, tragic, and frequently very difficult to even phantom how one might have managed to get out alive.

Some tales are tragic. However, there are several tales which have great and happy endings.

In this mini- series, let’s take a look at three such tales.

Jan Baalsrud - A Tale of Courage and Will - On the Run from Nazis. 

During World war 2 in 1941, in Norwegian, a youthful sergeant named Jan Baalsrud, was on the ship which was enroute to accomplish a sabotage mission with 12 other soldiers. Once they reached the small island Rebbenesøya, these were uncovered with a local shop owner. A German Warship found them, plus they didn't have choice but to inflate the ship hoping to flee. However, these, except Jan, died within the explosion.

He could go swimming within the freezing cold waters from the fjord, towards the island of Hersøy, where local women saved him and gave him a location to cover. Jan understood that the only method he'd be secure, was if he could reach neutral Norway about 80 miles away.

He put down around the first leg (April fourth) from the journey which may cause him to the landmass. It required 4 days and that he needed to brave severed snow storms. But with the aid of shelter and knowledge form locals on the way he went to free airline-side from the Lyngen Alps.

It had been heavily guarded by German soldiers, however the greatest threat was Nature. After having suffered more heavy snowstorms, he endured from snow-blindness. He happened around for several days looking for his way from the mountain tops.

On April eighth, he arrived at home of people from the resistance plus they required him in and looked after him. Pointless to state, he is at horrible shape.

As he was better and may travel, neighbors from the family he was recovering with required him via row boat a couple of miles from the border. Soon after coming, Jan needed to stop a couple of of own toes because it had become gangrene.

Around the April 24th, Jan remained up high within the mountain tops. He remained there for 5 days. Fortunately, another family was there to choose him up and take him over the border. But heavy snow chose to make this impossible, and that he had to hang about until May 27th when two Sámi reindeer smuggled him to Norway on May 30th.


Jan’s journey required as a whole two several weeks before he was safe. After his recovery, he began being employed as a weapons instructor.

Real tales with real those who have survived the harshest of conditions against all odds. A real proof of the fighting spirit throughout us and types of precisely how strong the desire to outlive could be.

There are lots of tales much like these that may inspire many of us to help keep moving in tough occasions and also to never disheartening, even if your situation looks dire. Today, more than ever before, we have to remain strong when confronted with adversity.

Find out more incredible wilderness survival stories by checking out our blog. 

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