Mental Toughness Tips: How to Stay Cool under Pressure

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How to Stay Cool under Pressure

Most people define stress as a negative feeling caused by overload in business or in private life. It can cause serious damage to our immune system that can develop into many unpleasant conditions affecting our mental or physical health.

Basically, situations that we can’t predict or that are unfamiliar to us, and are unpleasant, can cause stress. Many top psychiatrists and scientists tell us that stress is caused by the number of adjustments that we have to make towards a certain situation or person. These adjustments force us to adapt to our new conditions.

Stress can be pretty damaging, but it also can be very productive in certain situations. When we are under stress, we often reach for solutions that we didn’t have to use before, and in some circumstances, that causes our productivity to be higher. But if the condition of stress is constant throughout a longer period of time, we find ourselves facing a destructive force that may reduce our quality of life in many ways.

In order to find the best way to handle stress, you must consider the circumstances that surround you, as well as examine your history with handling stressful situations. Your reactions in stressful situations — your behavior, its consequences, and so on – must be examined objectively. There is one thing that you must do first: accept stress in order to fight it. Denial will only make matters worse. If you want to stay cool under pressure, you have to notice when stress starts to overwhelm you. That is very important because some people deny that they are under stress until they are at the breaking point. They don’t recognize stress or don’t want to acknowledge it, and they make things worse. They could have seen the signs but they didn’t know that their body was warning them.

Our survival instinct will to try to alert you that something is wrong. If you are uncomfortable, you have headaches, or you have emotional disharmony, these probably mean that you are under pressure, and that your body is trying to warn you to calm down. Everyone reacts differently to pressure and stress, which means you must to learn to recognize the signs in your body. When you experience a stressful situation, the most important thing is to stay calm. You must realize that everything you are feeling is normal and natural. You are not going to die, so don’t add to your distress by panicking. Stress means that you are human and that you have a certain reaction towards your environment. Sit down and analyze your behavior in stressful situations, so that you know how to stay calm when facing them in the future.

After you do this, the next step is to practice relaxation in stressful moments. When your palms start sweating and your voice starts shaking, you are reacting to the pressure and it is having a physical effect on your body. You must not be frightened in these situations.

Take a deep breath or focus on something else. Try to think of something positive, something that you would like to happen to you, or a joyful memory. Whether you follow one or both of these techniques, you will experience reduced pressure instantly. However, these techniques must be practiced over time to be perfected. Be sure to watch the many YouTube videos teaching various stress relief techniques.

There are some other tricks with which you can deceive your body and your brain and make them calm. For example, people feel calm when looking at the color green, because our nervous systems associate that color with food. Scientists explain that this is a basic instinct, something that we inherited from our ancient ancestors. In the past, people were constantly searching for food, and green is the color of many vegetables. Basically, this color represents an abundance of food in our brain, and therefore a sense of security. Because of this, hormones that improve our mood and calm us down are released into our body. This effect still happens today. So if you know that you have problems with stress, carry some green items with you. Let’s say that you are going to a huge press conference, and you expect a lot of tension. You might try bringing a green pen or green napkin with you. Focus on them for a few moments during the conference and you will feel much more relaxed.

Also, as we mentioned above, stress comes when we are in unknown situations. To prevent this, it would be very helpful to keep with you something you associate with your home, or some other pleasant, familiar item. Consider this scenario. You have a big job interview and you are going to be all alone in a room where you have never been before, with people you have never met before. It is very normal for you to experience some fear and pressure. In this situation, an item that is familiar to you would make you more comfortable. This could be a small item, like a bracelet or watch, or a favorite t-shirt.


Small mental tricks are often very successful; believe us, you will feel a lot better if you practice them. Everyone knows that music affects people in a positive way. So when you are under stress, play some music. Scientists have concluded that two hours per week of classical music reduces stress to a great degree. If you don’t like classical music, you can play funny music or something that will lift your spirits and help you to forget about your current circumstances. Music can affect our feelings, so avoid listening to sad or depressive melodies. Instead, play something that will relax you and help you find peace.

We are strongly opposed to using any medications against stress. A prescription drug is worthless unless you know how to handle stressful situations. So we’re not going to talk to you about medications. Rest is a vital ally when we are fighting a stressful environment. A lack of sleep can cause various types of disorders in our bodies. A small amount stress added to lack of sleep can sometimes be fatal. Stress is multiplied when we are tired, especially if we don’t have quality sleep. Some of us are become very frustrated when we don’t sleep well; this is because our stress tolerance is low when we are tired.

In other words, if you didn’t sleep very well last night and you are now experiencing some sort of stressful situation, your brain is likely to react more slowly and to have a much harder time fighting the pressure than at a time when you are refreshed and have more energy.

Getting help from others is also another powerful weapon against stress. In today’s world, we have many acquaintances but not many true friends whom we can tell anything or ask for help. These true friends are very important in our life because we can rely on them. If you are experiencing a stressful situation, you always should seek help from your friends. Sometimes, all we need is a little chat and all our worries are gone. Finding that you are not alone in stressful situations can boost your morale and can help you overcome any difficulty. Take, for example, a situation in which someone has experienced the death of someone close to him. Imagine what his life would look like if he didn’t have any friends to comfort him and to help him overcome his loss.

To fight stress, you must consider your goals. This is especially important if your stress comes from your business environment. If you are planning to complete several tasks in, let’s say, three days, it will be normal to experience an certain degree of pressure because of the deadline. When you didn’t succeed in doing everything you have planned, disappointment, frustrations, and anger appear. If you set your sights too high, your stress will be huge. Unrealistic expectations and stress go hand in hand; if you set realistic goals for yourself, you will face fewer stressful situations. The amount of pressure will be much less and you will be able to accomplish more, with higher quality results, while sparing your immune system and your overall health from distress.

In order to set goals, you must examine your priorities. In fact, this is a crucial factor in your well-being. Once you establish your priorities, everything else in life can be put into its proper place. We often hear that we are overwhelmed by the huge amount of information that we receive. The real problem comes when we think that all of these things are equally important to us, so we give equal attention to all of them. Our lives may become severely disoriented. When we stop to think, we realize that perhaps 70% of the information we receive has no real value to us.

Whatever your location, your job, and your environment, you must focus on those things that are most important to you. For example, if you are facing an important deadline at work, the first thing you should do when you arrive at your workplace is to deal with that task. Until you are done doing it, act like nothing else around you exists: no cell phones no Internet, no computer. We are telling you this because there is the possibility that other things might upset you while you are focused on doing your priority task. You have your priority, period.

A similar situation arises when we don’t know how to say no. We often think that the other party will take our refusal personally and may feel rejected or offended. This is not always the case, and even if the other person is upset, we must remember our priorities are the most important thing for us.

We hope that this text helped you at least a little bit. Stress is the main cause of cancer, heart disease, and many mental problems, and we should welcome any help in managing it. Strive to fight stress, to reduce its influence on you and those close to you. Explore various techniques of stress relief, live your life closer to nature, and do not feel that you must act the way the modern world seems to demand. Go outdoors and hike in the woods, sleep out in the open, avoid hate. Put this advice into practice, and we guarantee that you will feel better.


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