Mental Toughness for the Outdoors

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7 Scientific Benefits of Being in the Outdoors

It's scientifically proven that being in the outdoors is good for you. More..  

Mental Toughness Tips

Learn to create an indomitable mind to conquer the outdoors. More.. 

Incredible Wilderness Survival Stories: Jan Baalsrud

In this series, we look at the incredible story of Jan Baalsrud. More..

survive climate

How to Survive in Any Climate

The climate changes in each season. When it is summer and spring, the climate is warmer and when it is fall and winter, the climate gets colder. More..  

5 Mental Toughness Exercises

Mental toughness is any individual’s essential element as a human being because it is the ability of the mind to be consistent in performing your best whatever task you are thrown at. More.. 

Breath Control Basic Training

Proper breathing can help you manage and mute the stress that starts to overshadow your mental focus. When done properly at the right time, you will prevent shortness of breath and dizziness. More.. 

Hiking with Kids Tips

Kids and hiking can go together. Hiking with kids is such a great way to bond with your kids and to connect them into the outdoor life. Kids nowadays prefer to stay at home and play with high technology gadgets. More..  

Hiking with Your Dog Tips

Hiking is a fun adventure experience. It can be most memorable and full of fun if you have your four-legged friend with you. A weekend outdoor adventure or a one-day hike or an overnight stay in the wild, More..