Outdoor Fitness Program For Endurance

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Outdoor Fitness Program for Endurance

We can define endurance as the ability to sustain long intervals of high intensity work without a decrease in our performance. Outdoor training and workouts are very different from those done indoors because everything rests on the strength of your body. You don't have any machines, sets of weights, or other mechanical items -- just plain, old -school exercises. It is much healthier to perform your workouts outside rather than in the gyms where the level of oxygen is much lower than in the open. Athletes know this, and many of them choose to have at least three training sessions per week outside. Also, working out indoors can affect our moral; finding ourselves in the same conditions every day can reduce our productivity during our workout. For these reasons, it is better to go outside where we can explore our beautiful environment along with our training.


In the next few paragraphs, we are going to tell you which actions can increase your endurance and make you feel much better. We won’t bore you with a bunch of statistics and figures, recommending unappealing workout programs based on numbers of repetition .Instead, we will give you a close look at several activities, allowing you to choose whichever you like the most.

When you do a rowing workout at least once per week, your whole your body will feel good. Although a rowing machine in the gym is an excellent technology, it cannot compare to the real thing.
Swimming is an excellent exercise, and it doesn't matter where you swim. Whether you are in a lake, the sea, or a pool, swimming develops your whole body.
While you are riding a bike, your endurance increases greatly. You will lose fat, your leg muscles will become strong, and you will feel powerful enough to challenge anyone to an endurance competition.
Training in a Park

All-Around Training in a Park

You can make your workout interesting by heading to a nearby park. You see, there are many pieces of playground equipment that you can use, imitating the environment in the gym. Although playgounds are designed for children to have fun, they can be useful for exercising. Push ups, pull ups, jumping, six packs, squats, and much more can be performed in a park. These exercises are the counterparts of the ones that you’ve done with a set of weights at your gym. And that is the purpose of park training: to work out with your own body.


Running is the most common exercise for increasing your endurance. You don't need any special equipment in order to run, and you can run almost everywhere – out in nature, through the city, or even on your way home from work. You can run whenever you want. When it comes to increasing your endurance during running, start with basic running during the first two or three weeks until you establish a habit and reach a certain level of overall fitness. After that, if you want to push yourself beyond your current boundaries, you’ll need to add timed workouts and vary the rhythm, or intensity, of your run. You see, to improve your endurance, simply running isn't enough. You may reach the point where you can run for twenty miles, but your endurance may still be limited.

Interval trainings

All of above-mentioned activities will yield greater results when they are combined. After a couple of months of working out, you will want to add interval training. When you reach this level, you are entering an advanced program for increasing your endurance. When performing interval workouts, you will significantly increase your cardiovascular capacity. Also, you will increase your anaerobic capacity, which is one of the key components of endurance. This type of training is also great for burning calories and removing unnecessary fat and sugar from our body.

Pyramid interval training

Using pyramid interval training is vital when it comes to improving the shape of your body. This program is considered to be superior, allowing the most progress in improving endurance. Your daily workout will consist of gradually increasing and decreasing the intervals of high and low intensity series. We will try to explain with a simple example: Let’s say you choose to begin a running program to increase your endurance. The pyramid interval will look like this: First, you will run for thirty seconds at your maximum speed. For the next thirty seconds, you will rest. The next set of high-intensity running will be longer than the previous one. For example, the second set will last for forty-five seconds, and the third for sixty seconds, until you reach the peak of your training: running for two minutes at your top speed. Once you have reached the peak, you will gradually decrease the time of your top speed sprints and jogs until you are back to thirty seconds.

Cross Fit

As we said, you should combine these outdoor activities in order to fully develop your endurance. This is called a cross fit training program. Cross fit represents the mixing of different types of exercise in order to develop every part of your body. The combination of swimming, riding a bike, and running will represent the peak of your endurance program. Once you reach this, you will be considered a person who really takes care of his body and your level of endurance will be an example to others. We hope that you have learned something new that you will find helpful. Our goal was to present many outdoor activities to you so that you could choose the one that you find most suitable for yourself. Depending on your age, preferences, and physical condition, you have what you need to start increasing your endurance and overall fitness.


For those are you who are not fans intense workouts, we have a few outdoor activities that will be suitable for you. No matter your age or fitness level, hiking through the mountains is a fantastic exercise for increasing your endurance. The pure mountain air, combined with your movement, will refresh your body and improve your overall physical condition in just a few days. The impact of exercise is multiplied when performed in a mountainous area. This is because, in mountain air, oxygen is present in a smaller percentage than usual. This affects your body by causing it to produce more red blood cells, which eventually leads to better overall fitness. Hiking tours throughout the mountains are perfect for people who are not keen on running or cycling, or for the people who are older and unable to perform high intensity exercises.


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