5 Fun Outdoor Games for Adults

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5 Fun Outdoor Games for Adults

Either its summer season or not, as long as a weather allows us to enjoy, people will be in the mood for picnics, outdoor fun, and party. It’s time to get thrilled of the games and plays everyone will enjoy in the backyard or in an open field. While kids have their own sets of games to play with, adults are also free to enjoy each other’s company by playing and having fun out there in the sun.

Playing games is a fun experience. Different games are meant not just for the kids, but for the adults as well. Plan the outdoor games ahead of time and make sure that you have plenty of the space you need for everyone to join and have fun. Check and see if there is anything that may harm them or if the place is safe to have the outdoor games. Make sure that everyone will have fun and that no one will get harmed. Whether you are celebrating a family reunion in your backyard or you are going out in the wild for extreme adventure, outdoor games are good to play with everyone. There are so many ways to make the gathering more enjoyable by playing different outdoor games with co-adults.

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Badminton is one of the sport games that can be played outdoors. Compared to tennis, the badminton ball is called a shuttlecock because of the feathers or goose quill. Professionally, a badminton match consists of 3 to 5 games. For men’s single match, the first side to get a score of 15 wins a game and whoever wins 3 games first wins the match. For women’s single match, the first side to get a score of 11 points wins the game and the first to win 3 games wins the match. Regardless of the levels of skills, anyone can play the badminton in the backyard or in other open outdoor field. It is a classic game to enjoy when played casually or professionally. Players will get more competitive, especially when you say that an award or prize awaits the best player. Badminton games can be played with two players for each court. They call this Badminton doubles. You will need one or more sets of badminton rackets, badminton shuttlecocks, and one net.

Touch Ball

This game is played by as many players as possible. All adults can join the game. All you have to do is to divide the group into two. One group will be the thrower and their members should be on both ends of the playing area. The other group will be the player and their members should be in the middle of the playing area. The throwers’ goal is to touch the players with the ball by throwing the ball towards them. The players’ goal is to avoid the ball from touching them. Once the ball touched the player, he or she is out of the game until every player is out, giving the thrower the turn to be the player. The ball can be replaced with a balloon filled with water. Once the balloon hit the player, it may burst and the water may splash on the player. Make sure that they have dry clothes in their bags or else, they will go home wet and soaking.

Sack race

For the sack race, you will need two pieces of big old potato sack or coffee sack. For the players, divide the group of adults into two groups. Let them fall in line per group. The first players will race to the line on the other end and turn back to the members as fast as possible. Each of them should bounce their way with the sack on their feet and their two hands holding the sack up through the line and back. The first group to complete the turns with all players bounced wins. Sack race can be played by two or three players at a time in one sack. It will require their coordination, cooperation, and proper timing of bounce to avoid tripping off the ground.

Newspaper race

This is a race game wherein the two teams have to reach the other turning point and go back to the team mates. One player will play at a time with two pieces of papers in hand. The player playing has to step on one piece of paper while he or she puts the other piece of paper in front and step on it. He will them move the other paper to the front and step on it. He will do the process until he reached the line where his team mates are waiting for their turns. The first team who completed the process wins.

Water Jug relay

You will need a bucket filled with water, an empty jug, a plastic cup, and a chair. Two teams will play the game. One of the team players has to sit down on the chair placed on the turning point or other end with the empty jug over his head. On the starting line, the players are lined up one by one. The first on the line will get water from the bucket using the cup and run to the member sitting. Transfer the water to the jug and take the place of the other member sitting. He will then get the empty cup and pass the jug to him for him to hold it over his head. He will then pass the empty cup to the member waiting on the line to do the same until they all complete the rounds. The team who gets the most amount of water in the jug wins.

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Pass the message race

The two groups will have one representative who will get the message or word from the game host. At the start of time, both players will pass the message to the next group member and so on until it reaches the last member who is in charge of passing the message back to the game master. The one who finished first with the right message wins the game. The challenge here is for the players to listen well to the message to be able to give it back to the game master correctly.

Tug of War

Tug of war is a great game for a large group of adults. Divide the group into two teams. A line in the middle will be their boundary. One team will go to the left while the other one to the right side. The aim of this game is to know which group is stronger. Both groups will hold on to the rope. On signal, both groups will pull the rope towards their side. All members crossing the circle or line in the middle will be required to join the other group who pulled the rope. The game continues until there is one member left on the other group.


If you have a big backyard or outdoor space with several blocks where you can hide and cover, this is a great game for everyone. The Sardines game is a hide-and-seek type of game. One of you will hide. Whoever finds him will hide with him. Whoever finds the two will join them in the hiding place until all hide in one place as if they are sardines in a can. The challenge is to remain silent and never move.


Playing is also a form of exercise. As you have fun under the sun, it promotes health and well-being that is beneficial to your physical development. Outdoor games will draw you to physical activities, thus help develop your muscles, blood circulation, strength, and coordination. Moving your body in different directions will also improve your flexibility. Just like little kids, adults also need to play outdoor games and other physical activities. When you play outside, you tend to move your body and sweat out. You can even double the fun when you do it with other adults like you. Try new challenges with them and explore the wonderful experience of playing and having fun.

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