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You probably want to give gifts to outdoorsman who is celebrating a special day. Outdoorsmen are people who love to go out and have fun in the wild or love the experience of camping, hiking, and trekking. From exploration to expedition to adventure experiences, the outdoorsmen are bound to face tougher challenges along the way. For people enjoying the outdoor adventure and exploring the outside world, finding them the best gifts can be stressful. Before you pick anything that the store offers, think of the personal style and preference the receiver has. Here are 7 of the best outdoorsman gifts for 2017.

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1. Danner Mountain 600

The Danner Mountain 600 is a pair of adventure-ready hiking boots. This one is among the best gifts for outdoorsman because it features a Performance Heritage design. Its classic look is inspired by the legendary hiking boots design. Being teamed up with the Vibram, this pair of boots has the Vibram sole that offers endless grip and excellent traction even on tough trails. The outsole has the self-adaptive lug pattern that allows foot to explore a wider surface. It makes the boots durable and tough on all types of ground condition. Danner also integrated the Danner Dry technology in this pair of boots, which is a dry lining that helps keep feet always dry and cool wherever the foot heads on. The classic style is also combines with lightweight innovation. The SPE midsole is placed together with the Vibram Fuga outsole. This gives the boots the perfect balance for traction, flexibility, and durability. Danner Mountain 600 is a great option for gift to outdoorsman who is always on the go for exploration.

2. Oris Divers 65

The Oris Diverse 65 is a water-resistant watch for men up to 100 meters deep in the water. It is a stainless-steel type of watch in 42.00mm size. The top glass is sapphire and domed on both sides. It has minute-scale top ring and anti-reflective coating inside. Its movement is automatic winding date and its function is center hands for the hour, minute, and second. There is option for dates, date corrector, fine timing, and stop-second. The dial is fantastic in funky, but unique layout. The straps are available in two options – the nylon mil strap and the rubber tropic strap. It is designed with power reserve of up to 38 hours. It is an ideal gift for outdoorsman because of its attractive design, excellent function, and innovated technology. The classic theme is very chunky, and divers will love its clean case structure. Its slim profile is also a good point as it lays flat on the wrist for a simple yet superb execution. Its bezel is also a nice feature for its top notch excellent mechanism. The two-tone shades of black aluminum and DLC-coated main piece also give a very sophisticated piece. Overall, this is a valuable gift that every outdoorsman will love to have or receive from you.

3. Matador Lens Base Layer

For active and outdoor photographer, the Matador Lens Base Layer is a must-have. It will complete his collection of cameras, lenses, and accessories. It will keep his lenses safe every time he is in the outdoor. It is made from synthetic fiber and padded shell. The inner layer is water-resistant and it has ample padding all over to protect the lenses. With seams that are sealed, the lenses will be protected from bumps, scrapes, and scratches all throughout the adventure. Among the features of this product is the bump and scratch protection system, weather proof, and wearable protective. This base layer is lightweight in its weight of 42 grams. The top is designed with roll top design to accommodate lenses in any size, which means that it can be used for small to large lenses. It is also made to be easy to carry with its design of easy clip to any belt and harnesses. It is a great gift for the outdoorsman or for men who love to bring his cameras and lenses along the outdoor adventure.

4. Stay active and fit – With all the tasty treats available for everyone these days, it is no wonder that a lot of kids get overweight easily. Combined with the constant opportunity to sit down in front of their high-tech gadgets, the ultimate result is obesity. When kids are brought out into the open, their nature of running, jumping and just about doing any activity will aid in maintaining proper metabolism and avoid unnecessary and unhealthy weight gain.

1. Alphabet Game Ball This can be played with two or more players and a ball. The first person holding the ball will say out loud a specific letter. The first player who gets to say out a word that begins with the announced letter will be receive the ball. The same player will then announce a letter, and the next player who gets to say out a word that begins with the announced letter gets to receive the ball. This can go on and on depending on the kids' energy and time. This activity is actually perfect for children, especially schoolchildren who have just started to learn the alphabet.

4. Stahl Camper Fire Pit

Outdoorsman will love this Stahl Camper Fire pit that is made from A36 hot rolled steel. Stahl combined hard coat anodization to aluminum in its side walls while the center plate is light in weight. At this construction and materials, it can withstand high heat for a long time. It is easy to set up even without the use of tools. The parts are not complicated to assemble, and there is no screw needed to keep them intact. This fire pit measures 8 inches in height, 20 inches wide, and 20 inches long. It is easy to carry along to anywhere because of the lightweight materials. Storing it is also convenient and Stahl offers the Fire Pit Sling as its storage bag. Proper storage and use may prolong the life and usability of this fire pit. This Camper Fire Pit can be very hot when fired for a long time. It may be harmful for the kids to be around or near the fire pit. Stahl reminds adult supervision every time this fire pit is used.

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5. Opinel Explorer Knife

The Opinel Explorer Knife is a Sandvik stainless steel blade with fiberglass handle reinforced with polyamide. The blade length is 10 cm or 3.94 inches and the Sandvik stainless steel is a 12C27 modified. It is anti-corrosive and it requires no special treatment for maintenance. The handle is a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. It has pea less sturdy hook blade and it is cut by drawing with gut hook fire starter. Its construction and design is intended to withstand extreme temperature and shock, even temperature on deep water. What is great about this explorer knife from Opinel is that it has survival whistle in 110 db or 300m and a safety ring made of Virobloc. This Opinel knife is a great tool for outdoor adventure, including hiking, trekking, fishing, hunting, and other serious survival expeditions and exploration. Its modern design is paired up with Opinel’s classic design. Among the features that make this among the best include the nice blade and high quality materials used. It is more than just an everyday carry knife for survival but a great tool with wide range of uses.

6. Patagonia Men’s Bivy Down Jacket

This warm down jacket is a perfect jacket to wear on different outdoor activities during the cold weather. It is made from 100% nylon plain weave and 51% recycled. It is made also with durable water repellent finish and insulated with 600-fill-power. This is usually a full-zip type of jacket with stand-up collar. Patagonia also has two side pockets that serve as hand warmers. It is designed to be side-entry with snap button closure lined with micro-fleece material. It feels comfortable and soft to the skin while it keeps hand warm. This down jacket is hip length, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. It offers high quality, high durability jacket that makes life in the outer world much convenient and easier. If you are looking for a gift, this jacket will complete his outdoor outfits.

7. Leatherman – Wingman Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

This is one of the best gifts for outdoorsman because this tool features 14 different tools in one handy tool. It has needle nose, pliers, spring-action regular pliers, wire stripper, combo knife, spring action scissors, package opener, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, screwdrivers for Philips, small screws, and medium screws. This tool is made from stainless steel with an improved HC or high-carbon form. It is in small compact size fit to pockets and it is light in weight. The length of this tool is closed to 3.8 inches or 9.7 cm with blade length of 2.6 inches or 6.6 cm while its weight is 7 ounces or 198.4 grams. This multi-tool has great features at its price. It is a great tool for projects and tasks around the house and it is a great go-tool for outdoorsmen who do more activities outside. This product is covered by a 25-year warranty by the Leatherman.


Your outdoorsman will surely appreciate a gift on his special day or during the holidays. If you are looking for the right gift to give a man who loves the outside world, these items are just among the best and most picked. Whether you are looking for a tool that will be handy and useful or something he can wear as protection or comfort, or you prefer to give him something to remind him of your love and care when he is out there in the woods or in the wild, finding the right gift for him will be easier if you know what style he wants and needs. When choosing the best gift, consider the quality, versatility, durability, and style in addition to your budget. The gift you choose to give should be useful and made to endure and withstand the kind of environment he heads on to. The best gift you give will be appreciated if it is also because of love.



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