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US News & Money – 9 Ways to Earn Extra Money Outdoors

Make Money While Enjoying The Outdoors 1 Original article posted by US News & Money Enjoy the fresh air and some fresh money with these warmer weather jobs Many of us who work in offices, retail or restaurants fantasize about making money without being stuck indoors – or at least not stuck in a desk […]

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Campfire Cooking

6 Easy Steps to Perfect Your Campfire Cooking

Campfire Cooking

Learn from this Chef's best techniques in cooking in the outdoors

Prepare the ultimate camp meal!

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Jeremiah Langhorne was a kid growing up in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, summer evenings were spent exploring the woods with his brothers, catching fish or small game and cooking their spoils over an open flame.

It's no wonder he turned out to love cooking outdoors. Langhorne eventually decided to launch the Dabney in Washington, D.C. The restaurant doesn’t have a single gas burner. Everything, from the cornbread and the roasted carrots to the local beef cheeks, is cooked over embers or flames. And it produces some of the best BBQ food in the city.

Langhorne gave Outside Magazine these 6 tips that will help you cook better outdoors.

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7 Scientific Benefits of Being in the Outdoors

Most of us have had the experience of spending time in nature, camping or hiking for a couple of days, and absolutely dread having to go back to our everyday lives. This, for many, means the city with its concrete sidewalks, high-rise buildings and windows on the 12th floor that barely opens.  The only green […]

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5 Developmental Benefits of Outdoor Play

5 Developmental Benefits of Outdoor Play A few of us will remember growing up in the time before there were screens everywhere. We had to keep ourselves occupied with a different kind of play than what seems to be the norm today. Often our parents didn’t know where in the neighborhood we were. We swam […]

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Trekking In Nepal – A Short Guide

Trekking In Nepal – A Short Guide All travel experiences are unique in its own way; some more than others. But if you can put behind you the long flights, sleeping at airports due to delays, and sometimes pretty bad accommodation, you WILL get to have amazing experiences in different parts of the world. And […]

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Tip 2: 3 Vital Wilderness Medicine Tips to remember for your next trip

  Tip Number 2: Handling the Most Common Medical situations The list of emergencies and basic treatment below is of course not intended as a substitute for actual first aid training. If anything, it is only to remind you of what you might have to be prepared for when venturing into the wilderness. For anyone […]

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Tip 1: 3 Vital Wilderness Medicine Tips to Remember For Your Next Trip

On a beautiful, brisk Saturday morning you and two friends decide to go for an overnight camping trip. The weather was going to be bad, but now the sun is out, and you feel like spending time outside.   You just grab a few things to take with, because it is only one night, you […]

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Incredible Wilderness Survival Stories: Part One – Jan Baalsrud

3 Incredible Wilderness Survival Stories Miracles still happen. We all like a great survival movie. Disaster struck, any sort of accident happen, or someone will get lost, and today they finish up in a location where they need to get by with what they’ve, which is dependent on existence or dying. Danger lurks in each […]

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