Top 10 Camping Sites in Colorado 2017

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Top 10 Camping Sites in Colorado

Colorado is the place in the country with some of the biggest and well-facilitated campgrounds, which is why camping in Colorado is becoming so popular. However, some are said to be poorly planned or not properly preserved. Some of these well-facilitated Colorado camping sites are small and privately owned and ideal for small groups, while some of these camp sites are great for big rowdy groups of trailers. The best about these campgrounds is that all of them are set in great nature locales for adventure. Here are the Top 10 Camping in Colorado Sites

Cold Springs Campground

One of the most popular camping areas in Colorado, The Cold Springs Campground is located on the Flat Tops of Colorado. This campsite is managed and handled by Yampa Ranger District. Although the Cold Spring is a small campsite in the area, it is very popular among hikers and trailers because it has five campsites with fire rings. The entire campground is very close to nature and it has a small waterfall and a pond, which means that the area is accessible for water fun and activities like fishing, hiking on water, and trailing. Cold Springs offer such a nice view of nature because it has the mountains as a backdrop and it shows a very peaceful nature scene to look at. Among the amenities that the Cold springs offer are tent camping, camping trailer, picnic tables, toilets, and clean drinking water. The Forest Service of the United States provides guidelines for proper use of the camp sites and all its amenities. These guidelines are for the protection of the nature and its environment and also for the safety of all hikers and trailers.

Camping in Colorado

The Crags Campground

Another popular Colorado camping area, at the southern end of the forest of Gould, the Crags Campground is located among the rocky and steep peaks of the mountain in Colorado. It is a great campground for hikers and trailers because it is located near the mountains and because the road accessible to it is rough. There are also small spaces of ground and sites that are best for tents where trailers can be accommodated. Hiking is very ideal to do in this campground because it is surrounded with chains of peaks. Several routes are also accessible, making it a nice location for a whole week camp or a weekend outdoor adventure.

There is something new in the campground in every season. Campers and visitors can choose from different recreational activities such as camping, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and many more. Lodging is also one of the offers available all throughout the year, giving campers choices for reservations and accommodations.

Camping in Colorado

Bear Lake Campground

The Bear Lake Campground is located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which is near the La Veta. It is a camping in Colorado must-see, that opens up the meadow for tent camping and nature trips in the national forest of the Colorado state. Amidst the alpine meadow and the dense forest, the Bear Lake campground is geographically set to give the best view of the lakes and forest. The open site allows you to do dozens of trails and hikes around the sites. Taking the sides of the Spanish Peaks is also a cool way to explore the nature. If you are looking for a lake camping in Colorado site, this is the one for you.

Camping in Colorado

Vallecito Reservoir

In the Northeast of Bayfield near Durango of Colorado, the Vallecito Reservoir is not just a large reservoir, but a camping site in Colorado filled with tranquility and beautiful scenery. Explore the campground and enjoy the bustling sports in the water while you tour around the destination of forest view. Fishing is also an activity to spend most time on, and more than just fishing, be thrilled to catch big anglers and trout like you have never caught before. This is another lake camping site in Colorado that you must see!

Boating and other water sports also add wonderful experience to the camping activities while some spots are also best for hiking and trail running. Take hold of the scenic overviews along the grounds or take long treks and long trips to the Weminuche Wilderness. If you want priceless moment amidst nature, the Vallecito Reservoir is a great camping area in Colorado to go to.

Camping in Colorado

Long Draw Campground

If you want to explore nature and at the same time escape the heat in the city, the Long Draw Campground is your best camping in Colorado spot. It is a base camp with 10,030 feet elevation located west of the Fort Collins. Some visitors may stop and spend time in Poudre Canyon, but to those who went further, they find that the Long Draw is far more wonderful to explore. There are 21 sites in the Long Draw campground to accommodate campers. The shaded areas are cool enough to enjoy the nature in the heat of the summer. The area is also heavily wooded drawing campers to discover its hidden beauty.

Camping in Colorado

Mueller State Park Campground

Mueller is a very popular campground located in the south of Continental Divide. It is a park with 5,121 acres of forests that offer a full view of the Pikes Peak to the east side. It is a great location for camping and hiking not only because of the 85 miles of trails for biking and hiking, but also because of the nature and forest it has. This forest is a Pike National Forest, which is a home to different species of animals and plants. Hikers and trailers will be able to meet the black bear, fox, deer, elk, coyotes, and birds of different kinds. There are many walk-in tents also in the nearby town, some are even within walking distance. Accessible to this campground are the trails and the four miles of creek where trout fishing can be done. Hiking up to the Dome rock is also another great reason to choose the Mueller Campground. If you have a big family to join you, this campsite will be your option for great adventure and nature experience.

Camping in Colorado

Saddlehorn Campground

The Saddlehorn Campground is the best spot for exploring the forests and rocks of the Colorado National Monument. It is a camping destination with private sites where trailing and hiking is best done wuring the hot summer days around the Window Rock Trail. On the edge of the Wedding Canyon is the Canyon Rim Trail that offers a great view of the depth of the Monument Canyon Drive. Numerous overlooks are also among the thrills and frills to look forward to when biking the 23 miles from one end to the other end of the park. In the Monument, only the Saddlehorn Campground is the established campsite. It is the park’s finest all throughout the six-mile Monument Canyon Trail. The rock formations is one of its signature as well as the country desert hiking. If you bring your bike along, ride the loop road and witness the scenic view of the Monument.

Camping in Colorado

North Rim Campground

The drama of the Black Canyon ground is far more beautiful in person than seeing it in photos. Although the gorge of the nature site can be accessed through different places and campgrounds in Gunnison, near Montrose, the most solitude of them is only offered by the North Rim Campground. See it for yourself and behold its beauty during the summer weekends, but make sure you come early to avail a site for you and your family for a spot on the first-come-first-serve accommodation. There are so many things to do in the North Rim Campground. Aside from looking down to the 2,000 feet (almost) deep canyon, you and your group can also hike down to its gorge to experience fly fishing and too.

Parry Peak

This Camping in Colorado site is in the West Twin Lakes near Leadville. It recently underwent reforestation, making it a destination stop over. Those campers and anglers who want to experience fishing the Parry Peak is an easy access to the spots for anglers. Aside from fishing on the lakes and stream, you can also hike around and launch a canoe to access the Mount Elbert. There are also camping areas and camping spots for bikers, walkers and for those who want a cool mountain climbing experience.

Camping in Colorado
Camping in Colorado

Camp Dick Campground

Feel the nature, or be at peace in the homely environment of Camp Dick. Located adjacent to the Middle St. Vrain Creek and in the borders of the Indian Peak Wilderness, which is a glacial valley where hikers and campers find a spot to enjoy nature. This camping area in Colorado is ideal for those who love to bring the dogs along the hike, or those who want to feel the wilderness. During the hot summer hike, you can dip into the waters or just relax as you listen to the sound of the waters. Among the things you can do in the campsites are horseback riding, biking, fishing, and trail running while beholding the beautiful view of nature of the Colorado forests.

Camping in Colorado


Colorado is among the most picked state when it comes to choosing the best spots for camping. From forests to wildlife to lakes and streams, camping in Colorado will bring your closer to nature. If you are planning a safe weekend camping with your family or friends, choose from these popular 10 camping sites in Colorado.

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