Top 10 Hiking Trails In The US In 2017

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Top 10 Hiking Trails In The US In 2017

There is no better way to explore your world than packing up a backpack and hitting the nature trails on an outdoor adventure. The serene environment that Mother Nature provides often ensures one is relaxed, feeling free, and is able to build his or her confidence by accomplishing an adventure. Besides, backpacking is a great form of a workout as one enjoys the beautiful scenery. Whether in solitude or as a group, backpacking allows one to obtain unique experiences every time one comes into contact with nature. There is a wide variety to choose from when deciding to embark on backpacking in the US. For instance, if you are planning to go for long distance hikes then the US is filled with very many nature parks that one can visit and plot to walk for as long as six months. On the other hand, if one is looking for a backpacking experience during spring, the US is filled with trails that one can explore. North America offers a wide variety of hiking sites that are known worldwide. However, there are several breathtaking sites but here is a list of the top ten that one can hike through as one unwinds. These include Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, the maze in Canyonlands, Wonderland trail in Mount Rainier, Yosemite Valley, Thorofare in Yellowstone, North Coast route in Olympic, Mount Sterling loop in great smoky, and the grand loop in the Rocky Mountains.

Appalachian Trail

This is the world's longest endlessly marked footpath that expanses from Georgia into Maine. This exciting hiking trail is 2,180 miles and transverses 14 states. A hiker is offered an array of nature's best as he or she goes through the 14 mile Georgia Blood Mountain Wilderness up to the peak point in that state. This would be followed by a mountainous hike through the New Hampshire White Mountains that leads to an epic view of adjacent peaks, 20 miles above the tree outlines. Afterward, the Maine wilderness walk would crown the hike that stretches 100 miles without crossing any single paved road. Any hiker would enjoy the vastness of this adventure but should be ready with a packed tent because the shelters along the train normally get filled quickly.

Pacific Crest Trail

This trail crosses an assortment of ecosystems along the West Coast that include the dry desert land and the high artic-alpine environment. This is an intense hiking trail that about 300 passionate hikers complete 2650 miles annually. However, hikers can still experience the shorter expeditions along the trail. For instance, one can opt to take the 270-mile expanse from Mount Whitney to Sonora in California; hiking through the Sierra Nevada range that has magnificent views of rocky lakes, deep canyons, and granite peaks. The California hike can take up to one month, hence one has to be mentally, physically, and financially prepared to have a great adventure with nature. The Pacific Crest Trail has an amazing section for beginner hikers known as the Oregon. It has various closed-up volcanoes alongside the Cascade Range, clear mountain lakes, and little elevation shifts that make it easy for beginner hikers to stroll along while enjoying the breathtaking views.


Continental Divide Trail

This is one of the amazing trails that stretches 3,100 miles long and divides the United States in the middle. It comprises of a 25-mile loop across the thrilling Weminuche wilderness section in southwestern Colorado, also known as the Knife Edge, by expert hikers. Besides, in case one decides to go hiking as a family, then the trails that lead to the Glacier National Park would be awesome for the family trip. However, cold weather gear would be vital for this trip because the park experiences ice and snow any time of the year. Additionally, it is important to make steady climbs to prevent altitude sickness because the trails are 8000 feet in altitude and raise up to 14,270 feet at the Colorado Grays Peak.

The Maze in Canyon lands

The Canyonlands National Park is an intense hiking experience for the strong willed hikers. This hiking experience will test one's navigation skills and wilderness survival skills. It is a must do for adventure lovers because the trails are not marked and the red-rock canyons make it tremendously tough to navigate through the trails. Most of the times hikers end up in dead end stiff cliff faces or have to go through slippery rocks with sickening smells in order to reach the desired course. Adventurers can also opt to use 4X4 vehicles and still get the tough routes to navigate because the maze trails are suitable for all sorts of hiking expeditions. The maze in the Canyonlands can take up to 12 or more days to explore so hikers should be equipped with tents and a lot of water.

Wonderland trail in Mount Rainier

The Mount Rainer National Park, located in the Washington State, is a 93-mile loop. The peak of the adventure is the 14,410-foot summit of the mountain, which has active (yet sleeping) volcanoes high above the rainy clouds and lush evergreen environment with waterfalls. Anyone would enjoy the trails to the top, from the normal hike up through the greens to the intense alpine climb up the Liberty Ridge. The park is filled with almost 100 miles of Wonderland trail that loops the mountain thus making it a unique experience for backpacking. There are snowfields, greenery, meadows rich with wildflowers, herds of elk, and occasionally black bears to explore while ascending the mountain. The Wonderland train in Mount Rainer would take between 7 to 14 days to complete, hence making it an ideal short vacation experience.

Yosemite Valley

The Tuolumne meadows to Yosemite Valley in the Yosemite is located in California and is 28 miles long, one way. The Yosemite is popularly known across the world for the enormous wall climbing site and other thrilling sports. The park also contains huge territories of the isolated Sierra. Hikers begin the track from the Tuolumne Meadows and ascend onto the granite pillar of the range while making stops at lakes and drifting through the humongous pine trees. The hiking trail has spectacular views of the Half Dome and holds night camps at the portal edges, which are thousands of feet above the valley floor. A hiker would take two to five days to complete the magnificent trail.

Thorofare in Yellowstone

Thorofare is located in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, which covers a trail of 68 miles one way through Nine Mile Trailhead via Thorofare Patrol Cabin all the way to South Boundary Trailhead. Thorofare is the huge secluded section with no road, concrete or dirt, within the Yellowstone National Park. Thorofare is full of remarkable wildlife, and beautiful scenery; starting from the Yellowstone River that flows from the Absaroka Range into the Yellowstone Lake. The lake is a major migrating corridor for the park's wildlife; hence making it a wonderful spot to catch a glimpse of the incredible wildlife that ranges from herds of elks, grizzly bears, to local wolf packs. The Thorofare trail would take a hiker seven to fourteen day to complete.

North Coast route in Olympic

The North Coast route in the Olympic National Park is 20 miles and stretches from Lake Ozette to Rialto Beach. The route covers the rain forests of the far northwest corner of Washington and is filled with incredibly diverse ecosystems, that is, the edge of the Pacific to the alpine glaciers of Mount Olympus (7,980 foot high). The trail covers sites of rocky seashores, marines such as anemones, crabs, and brittle stars, making it a perfect beach hiking route for kids and adults. The North Coast trail in the Olympic National Park takes two to four days to hike; therefore, an ideal beach hiking sport for adults and kids alike.

Mount Sterling loop in Great Smoky

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park borders North Carolina and Tennessee, the mountainous range offers hikers hidden valleys and mountaintops with extensive panoramas. Additionally, the trail includes the Clingmans Dome that is 6,643 foot, which is the third highest point in east Mississippi and the highest point in Volunteer State.  The park is divided by the White glares of the Appalachian Trail. The park provides hikers with limitless selections of hiking loops as it has a wide assortment of microclimates. It would take four days to complete the Mount Sterling loop in the Great Smoky.

The Grand loop in Rocky Mountain

The 45 mile Grand loop is located in Colorado and is among the toughest yet classic trails to choose from the array of parks. This trail overlaps the Continental Divide and conserves the innermost beauty of the forty-eight's lengthiest mountain range. This trail is an exciting choice as it starts from one of the popular sites, Bear Lake (east of the Continental Divide) and ends at another popular site, Grand Lake. The track is covered with a lot to explore, from the flattop mountain, wildlife, alpine lakes, and meadows, to deadly lightning storms. The Grand loop trail can take from three to seven days to complete.

Whether one is looking to find a peaceful weekend or extreme adventure in the wilderness maze, nature always provides the thrills of life so one can opt to hike for a day or months just by finding the perfect trails to encounter the experience he or she is looking for.

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