How To Use Trekking Poles

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How to Use Trekking Poles Properly

Trekking poles are normally the same as walking and hiking poles and are normally used to assist walkers to have proportion and stability when undergoing activities like hiking. Many people do not normally understand the importance of a trekking pole until they get to use it and appreciate its importance. Most of us now the reasons why we should use Trekking poles because there is a lot of information out there concerning that topic. There is less information how to use trekking poles because even though you now all its benefits it is useless if you do not know how to use the trekking poles. To ensure that you get to enjoy the interesting benefits that come with using trekking poles this article will focus on looking at ways of using the trekking poles properly.

Adjusting the Length of the pole

If you want to learn how to use a trekking pole, the first lesson will have to be learning how to adjust its length. The trekking poles will never operate properly if it’s either too long or too short it has to be a suitable length for you. The best ways to adjust the lengths of the poles include ensuring that the pole is set in a way that the tip is at your foot leaving the elbow to make it bend at approximately 90 degrees. It is advisable to adjust the pole a bit shorter to make it easy for you navigate the places with a lot of plants and rocks easily.

Attaching the Position of the Poles

When you have finished the adjustment the length of the pole, logically the next step is attaching the poles to the original equipment. The best way to attach the poles is ensuring that the straps on the pole are well attached and you can be able to put your fingers through and hold the strip. It is important that you do not hold the grips tightly to avoid soreness in your fingers. It is advisable to hold the grips lightly so that you can be comfortable while navigating hard rocky places. The reason your elbows as having been stated above should be approximately 90 degrees is to ensure they are as much as possible close to you so that you are able to conserve energy especially in a situation that you are traveling long distances.

Ensuring that the Handle and the Strap are used Correctly

It is very critical to ensure that the handle and the strap are used correctly to an adjustable size to make it easy for you to slide your hand inside it. The strap and handle should be gripped and strapped together to ensure you have a good support and proportionality when using the trekking pole. This is because having the handle and strap together will help you to easily jump over a stream or a river, go down a steep slope and still be in contact with your trekking pole.

Using the Right height for the Trekking Pole

It is important to ensure that the height of your pole is adjustable and flexible so that you can be able to adjust to the height that makes you feel very comfortable with yourself. After trying out different heights and finding out that one that is good for you, ensure that your elbow is bent at an angle of 90 degrees. However, despite the fact that people are different and there are those who prefer longer poles to shorter poles and vice versa, research has shown that most people prefer the height between 115cm and 125cm when it comes to the height of a trekking pole.

How to Use your Trekking poles

Trekking poles normally play a major role while you are navigating your way through rocks or even thick vegetation. The secret of ensuring that the trekking poles give you the ease and stability that it gives while navigating such places is to ensure that the poles are positioned in a way that they are pointing to the opposite direction that you are walking to. This will ensure that you are able to increase on the strides and the length of the pace that you are walking. Flexing and extending from you’re the joint n your shoulder while using the trekking pole is important in ensuring that it becomes easier to use the trekking poles.

Ways of Using Walking Poles correctly in an Even Ground

As we have seen it is very important to ensure that the poles are positioned at the right heights and that the straps and the handled are put together for easy navigation. The other ways of ensuring easy navigation are to ensure that the legs get to alternate together. This will give you a good balance as you hike and allow your arms to swing normally without consuming a lot of energy from you. To also ensure just like your arms your legs get to move naturally without any difficulty, each pole should go forward when the same side leg is also going forward. Finally, you should also ensure that both poles are moving forward simultaneously to help you in the stepping down and up off the ground.

Ways of Using Walking Poles correctly in an Uneven Ground

Uneven grounds can tend to be very difficult compared to the even grounds and it is therefore very important to remove your hand from the straps. When dealing with an even ground using straps is important but when it comes to uneven ground this is very different. It is always advisable to remove your hands from the strap when you know that you are dealing with an uneven ground. It is important and to engage the shock systems at this time to ensure the impact that you will use to fall is less. However, if your trekking pole does not have a shocking system, you should ensure that you position your poles in front of you leaving a small distance between your feet and the pole, and then ensure to shorten your strides in order to lower the impact it will have on your knees.

Ways of Using Walking Poles correctly in Hiking up a Hill

When you are hiking up a hill using your trekking poles it is important that the locking mechanisms of the trekking poles have been slightly shortened. Ensure that your poles are very close to your body so that you can be in a position to improve the efficiency of the energy that you will need to climb the hill. At all times avoid putting the trekking pole tip in front of the foot that is leading you. This because having the tip far away from your body will just leads to waste the energy that is needed in climbing the hill.

The Dos and Don’ts in Ensuring that you use your Trekking Poles Properly

To ensure that you use your trekking poles properly and efficiently it is very important that you follow the following basic rules;

The Dos

  • Ensure to always use baskets on your Trekking poles for great support and stability when you are navigating a terrain that is unknown to you. The baskets on the poles will ensure that your poles do not sink into the unknown ground.
  • To avoid the skips of your trekking poles to slip away while traversing a slippery surface, ensure that you fill up rubber into your poles.
  • To ensure the best stability and to always be in control when using a trekking pole, is to ensure that you always ensure that you use it in pairs.
  • To avoid damaging your trekking poles do not over tighten the grip and ensure you fold them into parts when traveling.

The Don’ts

  • Avoid bending your arms at the elbow while using the trekking poles; always keep them straight to ensure that you’re able to push yourself forward.
  • Never use any kind of lubricants when it comes to cleaning your trekking pole because it will be damaged.
  • Avoid gripping your poles to tight because it leads to damages and it will lead to poor navigation using the trekking pole.
  • Do not throw away poles because broken poles can also be easily replaced so always keep them and try to fix them instead of throwing them away.

These uses of using trekking poles properly will go a long way in ensuring that you know how to use your trekking poles properly. Trekking pole can provide a very good support as well as very reliable stability. It is, therefore, wise to ensure that we know how to use it so that we can enjoy all the advantages that come with using these trekking poles. Knowing that you are supposed to adjust the heights properly, having the strips and handles strip together and avoiding holding the trips tightly go a long way in ensuring that we enjoy all the beautiful benefits that come with using trekking poles.

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