What to Wear For a Hiking Trip – A Quick Essentials Guide

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What to Wear For a Hiking Trip – A Quick Essentials Guide

Choosing the right attire for hiking is essential for an enjoyable and comfortable hike. Hiking attire chosen should keep you warm, comfortable and protected from environmental hazards. You should learn to pack the most essential components for any hiking trip. Packing the ten essentials is a good habit and you will appreciate the function of each component. The original ten essential was assembled in the 30s by climbers and outdoor adventures who wanted to help people prepare for emergency situation when hiking outdoors.  When you think of hiking you can imagine road tested travelers and huge backpacks.  If you want a better lifestyle or you want to begin a serious hiking process, it is then imperative that you understand essentials to the best hiking trip. Hiking can be an epic process if you prepare yourself well for the next hiking trip. As long as you’re are exploring your surroundings while building endurance, strength and increasing your lung capacity then hiking is the best choice for you.

What you need to do

a.      Decide on the length of your hike

As a beginner to hiking we are not looking at Mt. Everest hiking but rather small and short nature trails as you build your muscle endurance. Pick a hike location and determine the time taken to reach to there, when you have this you can pick the best attire for the occasion.

b.      Decide if you are hiking with a friend or group

It is recommended that you go hiking with a friend or group to help you overcome any challenges that may arise along the way. It is a perfect opportunity to bond as well as discuss issues that you might have. If you are going to a new hiking trail then it is important that you buddy up with your significant other or friend for the hike.

c.       Determine your starting level

If you are a complete newbie to hiking and you are horribly out of shape you try mapped areas before you move to the wilderness. Start slow pick places around your town that will help you know where to stop and build on from there. When you pick up slowly the muscles will also build endurance and strength.

d.      Pick a hiking location

You can search on the maps to determine the right location for your hiking. Ask friends, coworkers and family members if they know of any place around that you can go hiking.

e.      Let somebody else know you are hiking

If you are going to hike alone it is important to inform somebody else that you will be hiking. This is a safety measure to prevent against any unforeseen circumstances.  Telling someone else about your hike is just but a security measure so that incase of anything they will be able to trace you.

What to Wear For a Hiking Trip

When you are going for a hike, it is imperative that you understand the trail before you move out of the house. This will help you in choosing the right attire for the event.


Choosing the right footwear is essential for a good hiking trip. They will damage your feet and it maybe too heavy to your feet. It is preferable to go with sneakers because they are not too heavy and they will give you a better feel on the feet. In addition, aeration is important because you are trekking long distances. Choose a sneaker design that suits your needs and one which will not cause any discomfort on your feet.  Your ankles must be comfortable and reduce strain on your knees as well by choosing the right socks and sneakers. Start slow before you move up the ranks to a different level.


Socks play an integral role in whisking moisture away from your feet. It is essential to choose socks with the right texture and breathing space. This will ensure that you have a good grip on your sneakers. If you are wearing sneakers or boots, you would love to have socks hat will not make blisters on your feet or keep moisture. Depending on the hiking distance and location choose socks that you are comfortable in.


This is one of the areas that many people get it wrong.  The choice of pants largely depends on your location and existing environment. If the weather conditions are unfavorable then shorts will not be the right choice for you, if it is going to be hot then shorts will offer a breathing space and reduce sweating.  You should choose the right pant based on the prevailing season and your environment.  You can wear nerd pants, these pants are light, comfortable and they dry quickly and you can transform the pants to shorts. In addition, if you are going to hike in the forest it is important to consider allergens that might interfere with your skin so keep yourself covered as much as possible.


When you are going for an intense hike you should wear something that is comfortable and does not keep sweat. Cotton is the best because it does not accumulate sweat unlike polyester and other material. You can wear things like T-shirts which is light and can hide odors, wick moisture away, and give you a breathing space.



Wearing a jacket varies from one location to another, you should choose a jacket to help you prevent cold in other adverse weather conditions. Light packing is important because you will not have a huge load to carry around. Moreover the jacket should be waterproof to prevent moisture from getting into your clothes and heavy enough to keep you warm when it’s chilly.


Hiking experts recommend that you wear a hat that is floppy with brim to keep the face and the ears from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Your ears and back of the neck are prone to exposure to ultraviolet rays and you can apply some sunscreen lotion as well.

In essence, it is imperative that you remain versatile during the packing process and look at the weather conditions.  Assess your hiking area to determine what is best for you and what you should take.

Important Components to Remember

This depends from one hiker to another and the adventures that you bound to indulge yourself in. if you are getting started or you are an experience hiker then you should get all concepts well.

a.      Cell phone

Ensure your cell phone is fully charged before you go out hiking. Your cell phone will bail you out incase of any emergency. In addition, modern smart phones have GPS and maps to guide you to where you are going. If you do not have a music player you can use the cell phone to listen to your favorite tracks as you traverse the hike area.

b.      Camera

Throw in a camera into your travel bag. Cameras are good for capturing memorable moments during the hike. Although your phone could be equipped with an excellent camera, it is good to preserve the battery for other activities by taking the camera with a proHDR recorder.

c.       Sunscreen

During hiking especially if it is sunny outside, it is vital that you apply sunscreen and take some sunscreen to your hike as well. Apply to your cheeks, neck and face to avoid overexposure to ultraviolet radiation.

d.      Bug Spray

Depending on the location that you want to go hiking, you can carry bug spray to avoid bites and allergens.

e.      First Aid

Having a first aid kit or components of it is important because you will be able to deal with burns, cuts and bruises that you may experience during the trip.

f.        Pocket Knife

This could be essential incase you want to cut something or you need it to cut some sticks.

g.      Food

What else can you do when you are hungry during the hike? Carry food and you need enough water to avoid dehydration. Depending on the length of your trip you can carry food that will leave you energized throughout the journey.


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