About Us


We are an outdoor gear and boutique camper-van rental company located outside of New York City, USA.
We exist to inspire you, and the next generation to choose to live more of your life outdoors. We aren't meant to live, eat, work, sleep, shower, exercise, BE indoors 93% of our lives -- yet this is what our society has subscribed to in the modern world over time. 
We instinctually know the benefits of spending time outdoors; improved mood, vitamin D, fresh outdoor air, nature bathing, connection to the earth grounding, better sleep, increased energy, the ability to see miracles like rainbows and a white dove visit you. Yet, we as humans spend an average of just 7% of our days and entire LIVES outdoors..!
Outdoor Enthusiasts was born after a New Jersey couple, Dean and Stephanie, experienced what life without healthy able legs was like for nearly 3 years of Stephanie's life, with Dean as main support pushing her wheelchair, and opening up every door as she crutched her way through.
Spending so much forced time resting and incapable of hiking, scaling mountains, or even just walking-- their souls YEARNED deeply for outdoor time. We shifted our usual activities to blips of time spent outdoors reading a book, drinking tea, wheeling or just sitting at the park staring at the ducks. Sun shining, wind blowing, pure bliss.
Every single moment spent outside doing anything became so deeply meaningful and satisfying on a deep soul level. Even though I couldn't walk "normally" yet, I felt more whole, more me, more human.
To be present in each tiny moment outside became our normal gratitude practice, hardly being able to remember what it was like to take all of this outdoor time even slightly for granted.
That was it -- Able bodied or not, we as humans do NOT belong indoors, we belong outside. Outdoor Enthusiasts was born. The outdoors are for everyone, anytime, no matter what.
We do not only exist to inspire you to spend more of your life outdoors, but to inspire you to spend mindful time outdoors, and deeply cherish every aspect of this world around you.
Cheers to being alive, get out there however you can.