The Affirmation Pocket Ground Sheet

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The Affirmation Pocket Ground Sheet | Multi-purpose groundsheet with, "Be Present In This Moment," in script on both corners. A daily reminder, and visual call-to-action to reground you to your present moment. Your Affirmation Pocket Sheet is sure to bring peace and presence to your life.

  • So small can keep with you in day pack for your spontaneous life.

  • Smaller than your smartphone when packed away, big enough 1-4 people (or animal friends) to hang on.

  • Use as your sole blanket, or a ground sheet to keep your main larger blanket clean and dry from direct contact with the ground.

  • Practical staple piece for any travel or car kit for all of your outdoor/indoor activity.

  • Where and what can you use it for? Hiking, camping, picnic, yoga, concerts, festivals, beach, pool, ball games, park, camping divider or wind/sun screen, table cloth, get creative!

  • Water resistant.
  • A call to action that offers a re-grounding moment!


Product Details:

Comes with:
  • Groundsheet with 4 loops and triangle pockets in each corner for securing corners into the ground
  • 4 Yellow Hard Plastic Stakes, with carry bag
  • Carry bag with attached miniature carabiner

Weight: Six ounces!

  • Opened up - 5 feet 3 inches L  by  3 feet 7 inches W 
  • Closed Up - 5 inches L  by  2 1/2 inches W

[Be mindful when unpacking your groundsheet for the first time to study the folds, and to properly pack it back away with ease.]


THANK YOU FOR PLANTING A TREE WITH US! Your purchase plants a tree with our non-profit partners, One Tree Planted. Thank you for choosing Outdoor Enthusiasts and contributing to reforestation. Thank YOU for planting a tree!

Care Instructions: Fabric is hand washable. Use warm water, and organic earth friendly soap. Gently use a soft, non abrasive cleaning tool for spot cleaning. Let air dry outdoors. Do not machine wash or dry. Do not use abrasive tools for cleaning. Do not iron.

Warranty: We stand by providing you high quality inspirational outdoor gear. That's why we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our gear, minus clothing. If any piece of your Affirmation Compact Ground Sheet is defective, send it back and we will fix or replace it immediately. Life is not always perfect, but we will always fix it.